Why Hire?

The GardenGirl (real name Denise Ashley) is a pro when it comes to creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces, whether you have ten feet or ten acres to work with. With an eye for detail, and an ability to “see” what others do not, she’s become a go-to person for those looking to create the perfect outdoor landscape.

The reasons for hiring GardenGirl are many, but we’ll give you a few here that should matter to anyone planning an outdoor space.

Outdoor Privacy Matters – GardenGirl values her privacy, and knows you do too. She’s an expert on “natural privacy”, selecting big, mature trees for instant privacy and has a few tips on how to best deal with the peering eyes of a nosy neighbor or the dog that uses your lawn as his personal bathroom.

GardenGirl is Very Personable, and Listens to You – GardenGirl knows how to strip a garden back to the bare bones and then creates beautiful, serene outdoor spaces. But the one element she doesn’t know (yet) is YOU. So she’ll listen to you, and work with you to get exactly what you want, within your budget.  She's a "straight shooter" who will give you honest feedback.

Ladies… GardenGirl “gets it” - You’re a mom, wife, errand girl, worker bee, taxi driver, and more. And you want your own space. GardenGirl can help you get it – seating, outdoor lighting, water features, and even a tucked-away “hobby shed”. You’d be surprised at what you can accomplish with GardenGirl at your side.

Gardening for Your Lifestyle – GardenGirl takes your lifestyle into account when designing your outdoor space. For example, “hard-to-clean the ice off” walkways look great in the summer, but may not be the best choice for someone who will have a hard time maintaining it during the colder months. Likewise for those who buy plants that turn out to be not-so-good for pets (this happens far too often.)

Tomorrow Will Come (and it matters!) – GardenGirl plans for today, and tomorrow as well. Shrubs and trees grow – sometimes too big. That nice looking tree might be a danger in ten or fifteen years. And as adults well know, a decade goes by in the blink of an eye. Better to have an idea what your yard will look like ten years from now, and plan for it (hint: Garden Girl knows!) This is also great for kid’s play areas – GardenGirl will make sure it’s fun today, yet easily convertible to an “empty nest” adult space in the future.

Garden Girl Knows the Business – GardenGirl is not just a friend to all things natural… she also knows the best nurseries and landscaping professionals. By providing contractors with detailed specifications for your project, you will receive multiple bids which can result in significant cost savings, clear communication, measurable deliverables.

Meet GardenGirl

Denise Ashley spent a dozen years at Microsoft, managing large software projects. So she’s used to handling different facets of a complex project, and making them all work together. However, it was always gardening and landscaping that fueled her. So, taking advantage of her significant design acumen, she wrote the classic “follow your passion” story and left Microsoft in 2009.

Really, that’s all there is to it. Just a professional woman who’s exceptionally good at what she does,and has devoted her life to doing it. Drop GardenGirl a line – you (and your yard) will be happy you did.


B.A. Psychology                       Seattle Pacific University

Garden Designer                    Oxford College of Garden Design

Garden Designs tailored to your lifestyle