I need privacy, and I need it fast!
No problem – call GardenGirl, and she’ll be on it. You’ll be… well, doing whatever it is you want to do, unseen by curious neighborly eyes.

I have a budget, and it’s not that big. Can you still work with me?
GardenGirl will advise you from the first phone call if your budget and your wish list line up. Many clients spread the installation over 3-5 years if the requirements exceed your wallet.

Tell her your needs, tell her your budget, and she’ll ensure you get the most bloom for your buck!

What is the fee for on-site consultations?
An on-site consultation is charged a flat rate of $200.00 for locations within 30 miles of Snohomish, WA. The consultation typically takes 1 1/2 hours and we will walk through your site discussing your wish list, pain points, timeline and budget.

How much will the design and installation cost?
Quite reasonably you want to know how much your garden wishlist will cost to be designed and installed. GardenGirl cannot provide a quotation over the telephone as it is necessary to visit your home and discuss your requirements while reviewing your site.

Are you a landscape contractor?
GardenGirl is first and foremost a full landscape DESIGN service company. GardenGirl will send your custom design out for tender to reputable landscapers to bid on installation. Please note: homeowners contract directly with the selected installation contractors.  If you would like us to project manage the installation of the garden design we made specifically for you no problem!

How can I honor a dear family member who recently passed away?
The death of a loved one is life's most painful event and many grievers feel alone in dealing with their loneliness, isolation and pain.  Grieving is an individual experience and being in nature one becomes aware of the infinite circle of life. We see evidence of decay, destruction and death while there are also examples of rejuvenation and restoration.
GardenGirl will sit down with you to learn about your loved one's likes, hobbies and connection to you. From this information a specialized garden will be created to bring you daily comfort and renewal.

Since returning from war I don't feel comfortable in exposed sites can GardenGirl help?
Thank you for your service.  This is a specialized area that requires depth of knowledge, empathy, and a specific tool set to assist a PTSD survivor. Please use the contact page and list PTSD Healing Garden in the subject line and the best way to contact you for a confidential conversation. You are not alone.

What about accounting for future growth? My brother got a nice tree that went crazy and grew into everything. I don’t want that.
Too bad your brother didn’t call GardenGirl – she would have alerted him to this. Yes, Garden Girl will make sure your landscaping works for you a decade from now as well

I have a terrible eye for plants. Help!!
GardenGirl has an eye for all things that grow, and will go nursery to nursery to find you the very best that Mother Nature has to offer.

What about fall and winter? I hate cleanup.
Most people want "low maintenance" gardens or they outsource the garden maintenance. Unless you are o.k. with artificial grass and plastic plants there will always be some garden cleanup. A garden is a living ecosystem that takes water, light and caring after. GardenGirl will make sure she recommends plants that are “neat”. It’s entirely possible to have four season outdoor beauty.

What about lighting, paths, water features, and such? I have a big imagination.
So does GardenGirl!!!  She can come up with a design that will scratch every creative itch you have, and ensure that your outdoor space is everything you want it to be.

I need GardenGirl to do it all. Can she?
Indeed she can. If you just want her to come over, show her what you want and say “ok GardenGirl, make it happen”, that exactly what will commence.  With a background in high tech project management, GardenGirl has a solid history of delivering projects ON TIME, ON or UNDER BUDGET and ensuring the construction trades do not drop off the face of the earth during installation.

Can you tell me what plants to buy that are safe for dogs / kids / etc?

What areas does GardenGirl serve? Snohomish County, North & Central King County